Saturday, 30 May 2009

day 2 - Screenings

The evening showings resumed with a second competition programme.

Followed by another breakthrough - our first feature-length
movie in Super8, the UK premiere of Love Suicides by New York-based
director David Teague. This highly-stylised 73 minute film was shot over
two years on Kodak monochrome stocks, using found and improvised
locations in Brooklyn to create medieval Japan, and came in at $20,000
(raised in donations of fifty dollars for an executive producer credit),
"most of it on food" commented the director, and consumed 110 cartridges
of film.

A lively Q&A session followed with David, accompanied by two of
the crew, which resumed until closing time at the nearby bar. And still
only halfway through...

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Day 2


Day two opened with an innovation for this year's festival: a genuine hands-on workshop in making and developing Super8 led by the renowned Berlin artist Dagie Brundert.

All ten places were taken and the principle of "wabi-sabi" (embrace the imperfections!) and the theme of "Ten Coloured Toes" explained, before the issuing of striped socks and the handling and careful testing of cameras.

The workshop continues Friday with a mass development session using sinks, buckets and a Lomo spiral tank full of E6 chemistry. Each participant will come away with a unique Ektachrome masterpiece, much wisdom, and no doubt slightly stinky fingers...

Day 1

The Third Cambridge International Super8 Festival got off to a strong start on Wednesday evening with the first competition showing, introducing the jury to the audience before the 90+ films they have tosit in judgement on.

The second sitting offered a complete change of style, with local enthusiast and retired art teacher Ted Coney operating a genuine Victorian "Phantasmagoria" magic lantern show, using heavy
wood and glass slides from the 1880s with ingenious mechanisms and levers to create the first moving image effects, accompanied by a tape of period fairground organ music.

This device was the forerunner of projected cinema: the Lumiere brothers may have developed the principle of intermittent real motion, but the magic lantern aesthetic continued through George Melies and still influences film to this day: what else is Bladerunner or Tron?

Friday, 1 May 2009

3rd Cambridge International Super8 Film Festival 2009 DAY 1

The first day of the festival. The highlight in 7 min.

3rd Cambridge International Super8 Film Festival 2009 DAY 1

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Dagie has landed!

Dagie Brundert, film poet extraordinary, has arrived in Britain for her first ever visit, as a jury member, exhibitor and workshop leader for the Third Cambridge International Super8 Festival which kicks off this Wednesday April 29 and continues until Saturday May 2.

The festival posse has already introduced her to the culinary delights of English sausage, Old Spot cider and fruit crumble with custard, plus a visit to Clare College chapel, and look forward to a successful fest with some 90 films accompanied by director Q&A sessions, a local archive screening, a magic lantern show and an analogue performance by our comrades from Szeged, Hungary, to round off the proceedings.

Be there or miss it! Though we hope to offer updates and vidcasts of significant events on this site as they happen.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Working on the Cambridge Memories Programme

Ive rendered all the programmes of Cambridge Super 8 2009 now . . . all except for the Cambridge Memories programme. I worked with Ms Analog all yesterday afternoon and evening and we are scheduled to do the same today.

We sorted out some sound synchronization issues with Robert Whitaker's superb Standard 8 film of 1957 Cambridge. And then we worked on all the other submitted film archives. Ms Analog has worked a paper EDL out already which is *so* helpful.

Anyway, the picture on the right is me meeting Dagie Brundert at Stanstead on Tuesday.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Cambridge International Super 8 film festival - Videopodcast 2009

Podcasts live!

We are very excited to announce the arrival of our festival podcasts! Over the following festival, the podcasts will bring you more information and reports on how some of the festivals biggest events have gone, almost as soon as they’ve happened.

Watch our festival trailers now :